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Our Secret Sauce

We know today’s parents are extremely busy. That’s why Super Potty Mommy created a Secret Sauce that will turn even the most devoted diaper-wearer into a Forever Pooper! This process is proven to save time and money, reduce stress, and create some really fun memories for parents and your little superhero-in-training.


Let's Get Started

Every potty training starts with a free over-the-phone consultation, so Super Potty Mommy can learn about your child’s prior potty training experience and motivations.


Pull Up Intervention

Super Potty Mommy comes to your home, prepared with rewards, strategies, and of course, superpowers to achieve this goal! Your new favorite superhero visits with you and your child for up to one hour on the first day of training and leaves with all the diapers! Don’t worry- your little superhero has a new Super Potty Mommy mask, cape, timer, prizes to keep everyone on task and now they’re well on the way to becoming a Forever Pooper.


Forever Pooper

Super Potty Mommy returns for a second visit to check in on your little superhero on their third day of diaper-free training. During the visit, Super potty Mommy rewards your Forever Pooper with a celebration and a BIG prize.