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About SuperPottyMommy

While potty training is one of the biggest milestones, this experience can be ANYTHING but magical. That’s where Super Potty Mommy comes in! This experience will conquer one of the most difficult jobs for parents, she Empower’s MOM and Wow’s your child to become a Forever Pooper. There’s a fairy to grant a quarter for every missing tooth. Santa brings presents as a reward for good behavior. NOW, there’s a Super Potty Mommy to grant your child the “powers” and confidence to go potty. Super Potty Mommy’s superpowers work on even the toughest of cases! Call today and see what everyone is talking about and be sure to ask about our Daycare Potty Time Program!



My name is Kim Storment and I am the proud owner of Super Potty Mommy. I am excited to
bring you the FIRST and ONLY professional potty training superhero. Super Potty Mommy was
designed to help families with one of parents’ most daunting adventures — potty training.

Over the years, I have successfully helped many children of all ages and stages of potty
training. I create custom potty-training adventures designed to WOW the child and EMPOWER
mom to success while building memories. It’s my personal mission to make potty training fun
and easy and help your child develop some good habits along the way.

You’re probably wondering about my transformation from mom to Super Potty Mommy. Here’s
the story: A few years ago, I was at a football party and a little girl named Zoey came over to my
girlfriend and said “I need a Pamper.” I was floored and asked her whether her mom had
packed any beautiful underwear for her to wear. When I promised her a big prize if she only
wore her beautiful underwear, she agreed. For the rest of the night, I encouraged her (and
everyone else at the party) to go potty. And that is exactly what happened! Zoey’s mom was
beyond happy as she had been trying to potty train Zoey for 6 months without success. When I
gave Zoey the superpower to go potty, I earned my superhero status as Super Potty Mommy! I
can’t wait to meet you and your little one as we embark on their journey to being a Forever